Value Analysis Specialist

Location: Columbus Regional Hospital

Dept: 8406 Purchasing Services

Category: Professional

Full Time, Days, 40 hours

Posted 6/17/2022

Requisition # 8944

What you need to know about this position:

  • Maintains orderly, accurate, and current team files and records as required. (Quality)
  • Develops and coordinates diverse teams to perform necessary product analysis consisting of the evaluation including but not limited to:
    • (Quality, Safety, Innovation, Finance)
    • The financial impact on the organization: cost & reimbursement
    • Product effectiveness
    • Product outcome compliance
    • Product safety
    • Product & vendor availability to provide and source
    • Bundling & Contracting opportunities
    • Product Standardization and Substitution
    • Product utilization compliance
  • Has direct oversight and reporting responsibilities of the departmental Information Management individuals to ensure proper report generation and standardization within the Item Master File. (People, Quality)
  • Identifies opportunities for a Value Analysis Evaluation (Service, Satisfaction)
  • Controls vendor access to in-house/off-site departments through the confirmation of meetings/appointments. (Service, Quality & Safety)
  • Completes all item/supply equipment investigations utilizing appropriate resources and computer systems to deliver a complete and thorough analysis of item/supply capabilities, associated costs, possible reimbursement opportunities, and availability. (Innovation, Finance)
  • Partner information with Patient Accounting to assure all appropriate chargeable supplies are captured within the hospital accounting system. (Finance, People)

What is required for this position:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or related Allied Health field. Five years of allied health professional experience in a hospital environment or fifteen (15) years of supply chain management is required.
  • Driver’s License required.


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