Food Service Aide

Location: Columbus Regional Hospital

Dept: 8302 Food and Nutritional Services

Category: Service

Flexible Scheduling, Evenings, 12 hours

Posted 4/28/2022

Requisition # 9230

What you need to know about this position:

  • Have an interest in serving attractive, nutritious foods to patients while following the prescribed doctor order.
  • Must present with a caring and compassionate attitude while serving out patients.
  • This position interacts with patients daily by taking food/beverage orders and transporting meals to patients.
  • Requires frequent walking and standing, lifting up to 10 pounds and the ability to withstand hot and cold temperatures.
  • The Food and Nutritional Care department is essential in the support of patient, employee and community health.
  • Dynamic team that serves approximately 450,000 meals each year.
  • Food Service Aides have a base hourly rate of $15.00 that is commensurate with experience. In addition this position is eligible for shift differentials and Sunday/holiday premiums.

  • The Student Flex position is not benefit eligible but is ideal for our current students who need flexibility with scheduling. This position requires 12 hours per week, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM with a weekend rotation.

What is required for this position:

  • Must have strong customer service skills and a willingness to serve others


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