Our Culture

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Each member of the Columbus Regional Health family has a unique opportunity every day to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients, their families, our community and with each other.

The Way We Care is our cultural excellence model and is designed to create an environment of service, civility, and hospitality. Everyone employed at Columbus Regional Health can connect to the five elements of The Way We Care and individually adopt the associated behaviors and beliefs.

The five elements of The Way We Care are:

  • Embrace the Spirit of Ownership – Ownership spirit empowers decision making and drives solution-focused behavior.
  • Create Authentic Relationships – Authentic relationships are created and sustained through trust, transparency, and empathy.
  • Commit to Caring – To commit to caring is to intentionally choose to deliver human-centered care and maintain self-care as a priority.
  • Serve as an Advocate – Serving as an advocate involves providing a voice, a healing environment, and security for those we serve.
  • Model Professional Synergy – By elevating the level of professionalism and cross-functional collaboration across CRH, we model professional synergy.